The general objective of the course is to make the students proficient communicators in English. It aims
to develop in the learners the ability to understand English in a wide range of contexts. The main thrust is on
understanding the nuances of listening, speaking and reading English. The course is a step towards preparing
the learners to face situations with confidence and to seek employment in the modern globalized world. As
knowledge of English phonetics will help the students to listen and to speak English better, they would be
given rudimentary training in English phonetics. It also enhances the student’s general standard of spoken
English. The knowledge of the phonetic alphabets/symbols will help the students to refer the dictionary for
correct pronunciation.

This course has been designed for candidates who:

  • can speak and understand Malayalam.
  • possess superior knowledge of Malayalam language, culture and qualities.
  • can read and write Malayalam and converse in simple Malayalam.

The program aims to familiarize eligible candidates with:

  • common nouns for effective communication.
  • common verbs for developing effective communication.
  • pragmatic information of correspondence and viable written work through the investigation of Malyali poetry.
  • figures of speech and their usage.
  • the language’s verbal structures.