M.Sc. Physics is a two-year program. A Master of Science (MSc) in Physics is a degree that can open up many career doors for students interested in a wide range of applications. The coursework for this degree focuses on the fundamentals of physics.

The M. Sc Physics program of University of Kerala is to equip the students for pursuing higher studies and employment in any branches of Physics and related areas. The program also envisages developing thorough and in-depth knowledge in Mathematical Physics, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Electromagnetic Theory, Nuclear Physics, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy and Electronics. The program also aims to enhance problem solving skills of students so that they will be well equipped to tackle national level
competitive exams. The program also acts as a bridge between theoretical know how and its implementation in experimental scenario. The program also introduces the students to the scientific research approach in defining problems, execution through analytical methods, systematic presentation of results keeping in line with the research ethics through M. Sc dissertations.